Entertainment Design

Who am I?

Hello I am Robin Florie illustrator and concept artist. I have worked for movies, games and as a graphic designer and book illustrator.

What I do?

I create illustrations for companies and products this can be in the form of a cartoon, 3D still, concept art, digital painting or photo manipulation or a combination of these. But also graphic design for content printed or digital. Such as infographics, folders, books or entire advertising campaigns and of course concept art for games and movies. 

Why would you want that?

A good drawing sets you apart from the rest. You can give it your own style. Much more than, for example, a stock photo. The illustrations can radiate humor but also other emotions that make the costumer good will much greater for you.  

Get in touch!

Would you like more attention for your company or product? Just pickup the phone or send me a email so we can discuss the possibilities for you.

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